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 AnV XNU kernel V1.4

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PostSubject: AnV XNU kernel V1.4   Tue Apr 07, 2009 7:55 am

For Mac OS X 10.5.6...
Based on Voodoo but with improvements.
- 64-bit support for Intel (default) and AMD (with -force64)
- Blacklisting of dangerous kernel modules (can be disabled with blacklist=0)
- On-the-fly cpuid patcher for AMD (Patcher options can be set with patcher_opts=value)
Values are set by the sum of this table:
1 Enable verbose debug output
2 Force-enable opcode patcher
16 Enable CPUID patching
32 Enable SYSENTER patching (required for 64bit on AMD)
64 Enable LDDQU patching
128 Enable FISTTP patching
So if you want for example forced enabling and debug it is 1 + 2 => 3
- Setting of the number of cores in the CPU(s) that are used (through cpus=n, tested up to 4 cores but should work also for more...)
- RTC clock tsc sync fixed (a.k.a Hnak fix)
- Emulating AMD CPU (even on Intel with –amd)
- Emulating Intel CPU (on AMD with –emulateintel)
- Skip TSC verification (not recommended, with –notscverify)
- TSC panic to check TSC values of CPU (for testing only, with –tscpanic)
- Debug option for kprintf (debug purpose, with kprintf=1)
- Support for VoodooPower
- Fast multithreaded SSE3 emulator (from Voodoo kernel, built by Turbo)
- TSC sync support (can be disabled with tscsync=0)
- Clock ramping fix for some AMD's (like AMD Athlon64 X2, can be enabled with c1ramp=0)
- New dynamic linker (you can use standard dyld on AMD with std_dyld=1)
- Mac model override (can be set with macmodel=MacPro2,1 or disabled with -nomacmodeloverride)
- Built-in decrypter (can be disabled with -nobuiltindecrypter, it will then use decrypter module)
- HPET fix for machines without HPET (can be used with -useoldhpet, requires old HPET kmod)
- Legacy RTC clock driver (can be used with custom AppleACPIPlatform kmod)
NOTE: the Legacy RTC clock driver doesn't work for most modern PC's with HPET and I've never known it to work on AMD's...
This kernel should work for all AMD or Intel CPU's that are at least SSE2 capable...
Download kernel sources
Download AnV XNU Installer
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AnV XNU kernel V1.4
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